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Burton’s 2nd Annual Ride and Yoga Social

If I could imagine my perfect day it would be this: morning yoga, snowboarding on a beautiful sunny day with friends, and enjoying some spa time with a glass of wine in the afternoon. The Burton Ride and Yoga Social at Squaw Valley is exactly that, a... read more

Hannah Teter: Post Shred Yoga Poses

Nothing beats a few good yoga poses after a long day of shredding. I love the way it calms my body and my mind down at the end of the day. Here are three of my favorite post (and pre) shred poses. Downward Facing Dog: Downward Dog is the most... read more

SUP Yoga with Hannah

I love surfing. I also love spending summers on Lake Tahoe, which is not exactly an ocean, so I’ve been getting my summertime surf fix on my stand-up paddleboard. It’s an amazing activity for cross training and helps keep my core strong and is so... read more

Relieving Sore Muscles Naturally

Summer is here, which means we have longer days to get active in the great outdoors. Whether it’s on or off snow, before or after work, having more daylight and warm weather makes it much more inviting to go on an early morning run or an evening wa... read more

The Burton x Squaw Women’s Snowboard Social

In early April of 2013, The Northern California Burton sales agency teamed up with some creative minds at Squaw Valley Resort for an event titled Burton x Squaw Women’s Social. The idea behind the event was to create a foundation for a community of... read more

Exhale: Four Yoga Styles

I remember when people used to make fun of yoga for being a hippy thing.  But over the years, yoga has blow up and become a world-wide phenomenon as a worthwhile exercise known to help with alignment, stretching, and releasing stress. With so many... read more

Flexible Retreat

Love is a battlefield and heartache to heartache we promises no demands...whoa whoa whoa whoa-o-o-o. Sorry Pat, but love is actually a war of attrition. I think most women would feel the same way. Love is the trenches, waiting, confiding i... read more

Yoga For Snowboarding

Tips for a home practice by Agatha Wasilewska A proficient yogi and a shredder have a lot in common. Both disciplines demand focus, honing of the ever-wandering mind, precise attention to the ongoing changes of the body, and an adventurous spirit. ... read more