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Sock it to Me: Three Ways to Wear Socks

Many of us are too busy spending the time choosing what shirt or pants to wear.  Lastly, we throw on a pair of socks - mix matched, holly, dirty or at times, none at all.  This fall, take a second to reconsider what you pull over your feet. Socks c... read more

Snowboard Trip: How to Pack Your Board Bag

Plenty of people ride for years before setting off on a plane in search of new terrain. When you make the transition from road trips to flights, you’ll change up the way you pack, too. And, as with almost everything, there’s no ultimate right or ... read more

Gifts for Guys (Under $30!) has been all over the women's-specific product tips this holiday season, but given that it's the season of giving, we thought it couldn't hurt to offer up some advice on what to get the guys in your life. To keep it budget-friendly, w... read more

How to Find the Perfect Sock

Socks might be the most underrated winter necessity in the history of the world. When you think about how the cold or comfort of your feet can make or break a day, it’s hard to understand why we don’t pay more attention to the sock type we use fo... read more

2015: THE KIT

Picture this… the new Winter ’15 product has just dropped. And we have a Flagship store right smack in the front of our head office. Like 30 steps from my desk where I’m writing this now. So on any given moment, you can just get up and walk int... read more

Tips from the West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in British Columbia is one of the most grueling, and beautiful, backpacking trips on the planet. A seemingly endless series of slimy, slippery, 50-foot, guardrail-less ladders are what characterize the straigh... read more

Fall in Style: Barn Bash

Summer to fall to winter...embracing the transition to cooler temperatures can be a challenge (especially before the snow starts falling). Morning chill is crisper, air-drying our hair is riskier, and we start digging out our wool socks and cold-weat... read more

A Guide to Buying Snowboard Boots

Whether you have years of snowboarding under your belt or are gearing up for your season, a pair of boots will dictate the quality of your experience. Much like a snowflake, every foot is different: what works for one person won’t necessarily work... read more

Kelly Clark Travels: What’s in the Bag?

When I travel, I’m on the road for weeks at a time. On my last trip, I visited three countries and 10 cities in three weeks. I made many stops, including my dad’s birthday, surfing in Rhode Island, a 12-mile hike through the Rockies, Burton’s L... read more

Enni Rukajarvi: Gear You Need for Summer Camp

One of the best parts of snowboarding is summer riding. Every summer, a bunch of us head out to Hood for summer camp. It’s snowy, sunny, slushy, and a really good time. If it’s you’re first time heading to camp, though, sometimes it’s tricky ... read more