Halloween Costumes: How to be a Pro Snowboarder

We get pretty jazzed up about holidays here at Burton H.Q. With Halloween right around the corner and our winter product line officially launched, we decided to take a break from work and start brainstorming costume ideas. Our resources included ever... read more

Balls, Sweat & Beers: Burton Wins Kickball Cup

In an event like many others, 26 badly dressed adults gathered with children, dogs, and beverages in a park along Lake Champlain to compete for the city of Burlington, Vermont's ninth SOB Kickball Championship. The coveted cup was aggressively pursue... read more

The Ladies from Lake Street Dive

We sat at a picnic table at the base of Timber Ridge, across from Rachael Price and Bridget Kearney, vocals and bass behind the momentous foursome, Lake Street Dive. Vermont's afternoon sun illuminated kicked-up dust as Kat Wright played just a few ... read more

DIY: Drinks from the Garden

August isn't all about the end of summer and back-to-school—this month is about finishing strong. Go drop that cliff you've been eyeing, slide into the swimming hole you've been dreaming of, or twist up something out-of-ordinary right in your bac... read more

We Love Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

We’d listened to their music a bit—enough to know we wanted an interview. We scheduled a brief chat about their tour-packed summer vacation to follow their Friday night Frendly Gathering set. Before the show, we stood at the Burton Teepee, antici... read more

DIY: SUP Cocktail Bar

We're well into summer. Actually, we're far enough along that we're starting to think about fall. We've got a bit of sun and warm weather to go, though, and the past couple of months in Vermont have been beautiful, bright green, and...hot. No matter ... read more

Best in Class: Frendly Gathering Music Festival

It's day two of a music festival. If you were fortunate enough to fall asleep, you awake in a sweltering tent to an amateur bongo routine that may as well be taking place on top of you. It’s the morning after, and the fun you had well into the morn... read more

How To: Fine Dine at the Campfire

If you think cooking over a campfire is solely reserved for marshmallows and hot dogs, it’s time you bust out a roll of heavy-duty aluminum foil and see the magic of campfire cooking. From biscuits to cordon bleu, you shouldn’t have to suffer thr... read more

Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis Talk Frendly Gathering

The Frendly Gathering Music Festival has brought frends from all over the globe together for some of the best live music since 2011. Even better, the event has been nestled into Southern Vermont’s Green Mountains since its 2012 east coast debut. Fo... read more

Memorial Day Must-Haves

Every year, on the last Monday in May, Americans honor all those who’ve served for our country’s freedom. The day doubles as an unofficial start to the summer vacation season, adding to the cause for celebration. There’s a right way to do Me... read more

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