Burton Girls Bike Hop

16 girls on bikes. Shrieks of happiness. Loud laughter. Stopped traffic. Extreme enthusiasm. It was so much fun. The traffic wasn’t necessarily stopped for safety reasons, more so not to miss our circus as we rode by. Well, we kind of took o... read more

Sunshine, Summertime, and Live Music

When it’s 90 degrees out and you get goosebumps, that’s when you know it’s good. You’ve been in the sun all day with some friends, you make your way down to the main stage, the excitement building. You can hear it in the level of people’s v... read more

Six Ways to Drink Whiskey

It's been a long winter in Vermont. It's always kind of long: we're accustomed to a few weeks of single digits and negative temps. This year, we've endured more than two months of that type of bitter cold, and the thermometer is still reading zero d... read more

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Shred Vail

He immediately felt like a friend. There was the initial street cred: fresh off a full day of riding, Alex Ebert rolled up fully kitted, with a big smile and fresh tequila-scented cocktail. Then there was his warmness, a kindness about him consistent... read more

Burton US Open Tops Itself, Again

The 33rd annual Burton US Open presented by Mini went off in Vail, Colorado last week. The Open continued its tradition of being the best event of the season with incredible riding, raging parties, banger concerts, games and giveaways, while sun... read more

Kim Schifino: The Art of Brooklyn

In the words of Kim Schifino of Matt and Kim, here's a Saturday night out in a very cold, very snowy NYC. Burton Girls hollered at me and said "Hey, Kim! What are you doing this Saturday night and do you want to document it?" Usually the answer is... read more

Side Hits: Second-Hand (Video) Stoke

Our favorite videos this week kept us laughing and inspired. Some you've seen, some you haven't. One thing's for sure: it's Friday. So take it easy and watch some videos. Everybody loves to watch Cara Delevingne get down. Our favorite Burt... read more

Burton Descends on Denver

Burton is back from what was a long week in Denver, where we activated a brand new approach to trade show season. With Chill, anon., and LTR holding down the SIA show floor, the rest of us dropped into City Hall and decked it out in our 2016 produ... read more

Kimmy Fasani’s Green Detox Smoothie

Kicking off the new year with healthy, maintainable eating habits will help give your body the energy it needs to do all the fun things you've resolved to do this year. Need some post-holiday detoxing tips? I find that starting each day with a 12-... read more

Smokey Eye: Makeup How-To

The biggest party night of the year is a day away and sometimes the best accessory is a smokey eye. Something about the recent winter solstice inspired a deep blue shadow, while the impending new year's celebration called for a pop of gold glitter.... read more

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Rub-Down Wax: How-To with Cilka Sadar