Lexi Boling: Taco Bars and Would You Rather?

Any woman with BAD tattooed across her ribs is going to catch our attention. The three letters—one of Lexi’s seven small tattoos—seemingly state a commitment she’s made to herself to keep it real. We can’t argue with that. We also can’t... read more

Live From Central Park: SummerStage Series

It was a little different than our outdoor concerts in Vermont. More people, more vendors, the blue skies lit up from streetlights underneath and the constant passing of airplanes overhead. Rather than camp chairs, there were bleachers in the back. I... read more

The 2015 Frendly Gathering – An East Coast Reunion

Heading into the fifth year of the Frendly Gathering, expectations were high. We knew we’d spend a weekend on a mountain with a vibrant crew of people, and see some amazing live music. There would be food, some pretty mood lighting, and we’d all ... read more

Hayley Simpson: Building Frendly Gathering

Weekends are precious. You only get a handful during the summer, so you need to play your cards right. It’s cool because when you get to the Frendly Gathering, you immediately know you’ve made a great decision. It’s not just the venue, charming... read more

June Jumpoff in NYC

There are so many killer things about June. There’s the obvious: summer, good weather, and a sense of freedom. But at Burton it’s also about something else…our annual summer blowout party in NYC which just happened. Title image: the Burton Win... read more

DIY: SUP Cocktail Bar

This post was originally published on July 22, 2014. But we love it so we're sharing it again.  We're well into summer. Actually, we're far enough along that we're starting to think about fall. We've got a bit of sun and warm weather to go, though,... read more

Three Festival-Inspired Hairstyles

Not too long ago, we hit up our friends at Paul Mitchell for some festival-inspired hairstyles. Resident vlogger and pro hairstylist Tally had previously shown how to own a weekend of fun in the sun with one must-have product and simple how-to in... read more

Beeracuda Wins Best Wing Man

There's a tipping point in every day, and we want it to go in your favor. Think about the last time someone handed you a nice cold beverage—a time that you didn’t even ask for it. They saw you coming, and then you saw them reach down before ex... read more

What to Pack for Frendly Gathering

We’ve all been there: forgetting one single item that it turned out we needed most. Like that time you met up with your friends at the beach, and only remembered half of your bikini; got to the gym and only had one sock in your bag; went for a hike... read more

DJ Miranda Maxwell: Friday Playlist

Everybody loves good tunes and if you don’t, well there’s one thing we don’t have in common. One perk to working for Burton is great music, because we never throw a party without a DJ or a live band. It’s cool because you might end up hearing... read more

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