Music: Costa Rica’s Envision Festival

We arrived with wide eyes shining up at the sky. All day and all night we danced with delight. We danced in the sea and we danced in the trees.  The whole damn world danced around me. Four days high on good life vibes. Tremors of love mov... read more

US Open 2014 Photo Gallery

Burton Girls' US Open debut was filled with riding, rider signings, après and more. Below is a collection of photos from our trip to USO 2014. A great group of Burton Girls staffing the tent in Sponsor Village. Gathering before heading out to ride... read more

DJ at Sundance

This January was my first time attending the Sundance Festival. It was a quick trip, packed with a gig DJing for Fice Gallery – yet I found the time to explore Park City, catch the festival madness, and see an amazing movie premiere! I arrived a... read more

Dark Awakening: Drink Dark Beer

A few years ago, I ordered a Guinness at a bar, and the man standing next to me looked appalled. “I’ve never seen a girl order a dark beer like that,” he said in disbelief. Suddenly, I felt self conscious and incredibly unladylike. Everyone kno... read more

Girls Day Out In NYC

In a city as non-stop as NYC, finding the time to take a break isn't easy, let alone taking a whole day! Long time friend and Burton Girls guest contributor, Jessica Kaplan and I decided a few months ago that we needed an official "Girls Day Out" ... read more

Fast And Festive Rosemary Butter Cookies

Speckled with a holiday green and infused with the perfect delicate whiff of the garden, these simple butter cookies are very simply the best. They demand only the most basic baking ingredients—and that you wander into your herb garden to clip a co... read more

Gifting: Tune Your Board At Home

A proper tune-up is critical for maximum safety and fun. The objective is to remove any corrosion or snags on your edges, and to sharpen them up so that they engage as you carve. The truth is, there are times when it might be best to bring your deck... read more

Holiday Party: How To Be An In-Home DJ

The holidays are here and at some point you may have to host people at your place. Whether it’s a few close friends or your boyfriend's entire family, more than likely you will be responsible for producing a great evening. And besides food, the nex... read more

Burton Girls Night Out: BTV, CHI, NYC, LA

What’s better than a night out with ladies, snowboarding product talk, shopping, hair and makeup touch-ups, a holiday-themed photo booth, yummy snacks, and cocktails? I mean, other than shredding with some girlfriends, not too much! The fun, all-gi... read more

Thankful For: Arielle Gold’s Banana Cream Pie

I'll get straight to the point. Simply put, Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays ever. I never truly appreciated it until a few years ago, and I have eagerly awaited its arrival every year since. After several failed attempts at dieting, I ha... read more

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