STREAK: Getting Naked for a Cause

Last week, I had the pleasure to be one of the 12 artist featured in a nude body painting show: STREAK, a benefit to support the creation of The Museum of Different Abilities hosted by Portland Design Collective.

The night started with live music from King Clifton and attendees were free to watch artist work on their living canvases. Artist gathered to adorn nude bodies with paint, jewels, paper and accessories. It was the first time I did any sort of body painting work (unless you count stick and poke tattoos), but I was surprisingly comfortable working with an almost nude male model.

Here I am hard at work with Chance, who was a great model to work with. We both loved the neon native theme and decided not to cover his whole body with paint, but simply decorate his body with geometric shapes and patterns.

Daria was one of my favorite artist of the night. Her model was tediously covered with stickers, construction paper, jewels, glitters and gems. It almost looked like a rainbow breast plate or some sort of jeweled armor.

A crowd quickly formed in front of Portland Design Collective. Their curious eyes caught glimpse of body parts splatters with colors of paint.

While inside, the audience enjoyed food, beverages, music, and of course…shopping!

Backstage models anxiously wait and double check their stickers and accessory placement.

Thanks to the Portland Design Collective for putting on such unique and wonderful event!

Erin, Paige, Owner Tacee Webb of Portland Design Collective and Zack of Painting is Dead