As Director of Global Sustainability at Burton, Ali Kenney leads the charge on taking a close look at how Burton can make a difference in our local and global communities when it comes to the environment, fair labor practices at our suppliers and giving back. When off the clock, Ali continues those same efforts in her everyday life, like working towards building up her garden enough to supply all of her own annual organic produce or using her car as little as possible. This year she set a new personal record of not using a car for a span of 4.5 weeks! Ali is also on the city's Development Review Board and is the Chair of the City Environmental Board. In her spare time, she enjoys stand up paddle boarding, yoga, surfing, biking, beach volleyball, hockey, working on her 100+ year old house and zenning out with the newest lights of her life - four silver-laced Wyandotte chickens name Sunny, Huevos, Yolky and Benny.