Late-Season Sticky? Wax Your Board

We always remember to tune and wax our snowboards before the first session of our season: it's good for our boards, it keeps us safe, and helps us go fast. Depending on where you're snowboarding and how hard you ride, this finish will deteriorate ov... read more


There's a palpable change in the Burton hallways this time of year: a later start to the workday, excessive smiling, and giddiness ensue. The east coast has been getting hammered with snow, and we've been taking full advantage. Yeah, it's been fri... read more

Rub-Down Wax: How-To with Cilka Sadar

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True Life: Burton Photographer Problems

A blizzard-lined commute had spirits even higher than usual: it was going to the best session yet—we knew it. With every intention of blogging about the morning, the Burton Girls crew set off for Stowe with our favorite photographer, Jesse, and he... read more

Canadian Burton Girls Ride Day: Even Better?

A few weeks ago, our friends up north hosted a Burton Girls Ride Day in Mont Avila, one of the stops on the Canadian Burton Mountain Festival Tour. A posse of roughly 40 French Canadian ladies met up, set up, roasted some marshmallows, and headed o... read more

Progression: Leveraging Career Opportunities with Melissa Doyle

For some, a career path is a calling: from early on, an inevitable passion—or maybe obligation—is there, ushering you along in a specific direction, with little room for varied interpretation. For others, the journey starts out unclear: unfolding... read more

How to Method with Chloe Kim

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13 Reasons to Go to a Burton Girls Ride Day

We'll be real: there are many more than 13 reasons to find yourself at a Burton Girls Ride Day this season. If there's a stop coming your way, don't even think about it: register now and meet us there. Here's why. 1. There's a ... read more

Announcing the Burton Girls Ambassador Program!

We’re excited to announce the Burton Girls Ambassador Program! In its introductory season, 25 women across the US and Canada have been selected as the Burton Girls Ambassadors for Winter 2015, each joining the Burton mission to inspire and engage... read more

How To Butter With Kelly Clark

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Rub-Down Wax: How-To with Cilka Sadar