Mahfia Sessions: Women Pack Purchase Power

If you were in Portland, Oregon last week, then you may know that an event called the Mahfia Sessions went down from June 19 - 22. The second of its kind, this shindig was basically a gathering of key women in action sports to talk about one thing: h... read more

2014 ESPYS: Vote for Kelly Clark

In 1999, the Winter X-Games admitted Kelly Clark despite the fact she hadn’t qualified. She was a local kid—it made a good story. She competed in the Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Boarder X events, stomping a fourth place finish in slope. The rest is... read more

How To: Land a Job at Burton

It’s noon on Wednesday, so you roll back and stand up for lunch break in a room lined with snowboarding photos and posters. You look up at videos playing across the flat screens on the opposite wall. Lunchtime is rush hour, so as you move to the fr... read more

Burton Girls Date With CHLOE KIM

There’s been a lot of talk about the future of women’s snowboarding since 13-year-old Chloe Kim grabbed second place at the 2014 Winter X Games. She stomped third—and won best trick—at the US Open a month later, and qualified for the Olympics... read more

Burton Girls Date with MATT and KIM

We met at the Cliffhouse Restaurant atop Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. Snacking on soup, salad, and baked potatoes—accompanied by coffee and lots of water—we caught up with Matt and Kim. The pair is a down-to-earth indie rock duo hai... read more

Mark McMorris: Constructing a Process

It’s roughly 8 o’clock in the morning when Mark McMorris emerges from the Long Island home of Jake and Donna Carpenter–more commonly known as Burton. There’s a quick “good morning” exchange before he’s at the end of the driveway zipping... read more

Enni Rukajarvi: “Rider-Driven” Process at Burton

Riding for Burton has many perks: I get to snowboard all year long on the best product in the world, travel the globe, and work with people that are passionate about the same things as me. As a brand, Burton has been “rider-driven,” for over 30 y... read more

Burton Girls Ride Day at Kimmy Fasani’s Amusement Park

I think that one of the best ways to measure how our sport continues to progress is by looking at women who are taking their own paths and deciding for themselves what snowboarding means to them. At Kimmy Fasani’s Second Annual Amusement Park at M... read more

Amusement Park: Celebrating Women’s Progression

Ten of the leading ladies in the pro snowboarding circuit just wrapped up the 2014 season at the second annual Amusement Park at Mammoth Mountain, hosted by in collaboration with me! I originally designed this event as a way to pro... read more

Kimmy Fasani’s Amusement Park

Next week, 13 of the world’s best female snowboarders will descend on Mammoth Mountain to hit creatively designed features built exclusively for them. Kimmy Fasani’s second annual Amusement Park at Mammoth Mountain is going off from May 8th - 13t... read more

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