Kelly Clark on Career Development

When you start snowboarding, you don’t necessarily think of it as a career. Just like anything, you start out because you like it, it’s fun, and you hope you get to do a lot of it. Like with a lot of career choices, you might start to notice a bi... read more

The Lip-Stick Snowboard Grows Up

We don’t like to play favorites around here, but we’ll admit to having a real affection for our women’s Lip-Stick Snowboard. For a lot of us, it’s the board we’ve grown up with. It was introduced into the women’s line in 2009, and like th... read more

The All Time Manifesto

Everybody knows the type. Their appetite is never satisfied and it’s like sleep’s an afterthought. The type of people that run a marathon, thinking about the next one as they cross the finish line; or the ones that set goals like the Seven Summit... read more

Kelly Clark Talks Hardgoods

You’d be hard pressed to find a woman—or anyone—that’s spent more time on a snowboard over the past 25 years. When it comes to hardgoods, Kelly Clark knows what’s best. For her, it’s the Feelgood, Lexa, and Supremes. More important than a... read more

Protein-Packed Donut Recipes for Winter

The only thing we love as much as eating great food is laughing. To be honest, that statement is just as true in reverse order. In fact, any day that involves delicious food, laughing, and snowboarding is pretty much the pinnacle. So you can imagine ... read more

Women Thrive In Engineering Internships At Burton

Maybe you’ve considered a career in engineering—maybe not. But did you ever think of it as a way to make snowboarding your job? For the past five years Burton has awarded internships to engineering students to work and learn in our Craig Kelly Pr... read more

Climate Change is Personal: Why You Matter

An individual can change the world. That’s a controversial statement, depending on your relationship with optimism. That’s what we witnessed in Washington D.C last week: a small group of individuals battling climate change, and making progress.... read more

2016 Deja Vu Snowboard: Behind the Graphic

Everybody loves a story about a community coming together to create something awesome, and that's what we have here. The 2016 Deja Vu is more than a fun snowboard with a unique, beautiful graphic: it’s a dynamic collection of photos and an inter... read more

Burton x Frye Snowboard Boot

There’s a lot of pressure in being the best, and it doesn’t get any easier as time goes on. Other brands are coming for you, and customers are in a perpetual search for the new and timeless. In that environment, for more than 150 years, The Frye ... read more

Kimmy Fasani: My Deepest Powder Day in Japan

The buzzing of my alarm woke me up with excitement. It was going to be a deep powder-filled day in the Japan backcountry! We had arrived on Japan’s North Island, Hokkaido, the night before and drove five hours up into and through the mountains ... read more

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Kelly Clark Talks Hardgoods