Snowboard Prep: How-To Tune Up

If you want to learn something, why not ask a master? Meet Chris Doyle, aka “the Mad Scientist.” He’s behind much of Burton’s product R&D, and has almost 30 years of snowboard tuning experience under his belt. He used to write a tuning co... read more

Let’s Snowboard

Last year, Burton Girls was on a mission to get as many women to snowboard together as possible. We held ride days all over the US—assembling hundreds of women on snow—saw forgotten passions reignited and many new friendships formed. We’d sno... read more

Myth Buster: How to Size a Snowboard

Myth: If you stand behind your snowboard, the vertical height of your board should land somewhere between your nose and your chin.  Busted: This information can turn out to be true, but we’re lacking some major details. These days, hardgoods bo... read more

How to Choose the Right Gloves

Burton has a glove or mitt for everyone, with each model offering a different benefit to your digits. So let’s de-mystify the decision process and keep your hands happy.  There are different benefits to each model depending on your needs, but e... read more

Cilka Sadar: Back on Snow

Hintertux is a cool little glacier in southwest Austria, just under Innsbruck. There’s year-round riding, delicious food, and whenever we go we stay at Werni Stock’s family’s hotel. It’s so relaxing, with a nice spa, and we always eat well: c... read more

espnW Summit: Voices of the Future

Inspiration reaches unimaginable levels when you gather hundreds of diverse and talented women into one space. I was recently invited to join Donna  at the espnW Summit in Dana Point, CA. The conference brings together a group of such highly accomp... read more

What’s in a Snowboard Shape?

We're well into fall and snowboarding is pretty much all we can think about. With brand new product hitting stores, it's hard not to do a little window-shopping. We've already decided what jacket we’ll be rocking, and that we definitely need new go... read more

Mark Sollors: Streets to Backcountry, Fear and Fun

Mark Sollors and Alek Oestreng’s Burton Presents segment drops today. A one-two punch of all-terrain prowess, the boys hit it all, from brick walls to backcountry kickers. Sollors was hanging around Burton HQ in September, so we caught up with him... read more

Win a Snowboard: Sustainability Challenge!

We'll cut straight to the point: from today through November 24th, we invite all women, men, grandmas, dogs, babies—everyone—to join us for the first ever Burton Girls Sustainability Challenge! In an effort to raise awareness about proper end-of-... read more

A Guide to Buying Snowboard Boots

Whether you have years of snowboarding under your belt or are gearing up for your season, a pair of boots will dictate the quality of your experience. Much like a snowflake, every foot is different: what works for one person won’t necessarily work... read more

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