Win a Snowboard: Sustainability Challenge!

We'll cut straight to the point: from today through November 24th, we invite all women, men, grandmas, dogs, babies—everyone—to join us for the first ever Burton Girls Sustainability Challenge! In an effort to raise awareness about proper end-of-... read more

A Guide to Buying Snowboard Boots

Whether you have years of snowboarding under your belt or are gearing up for your season, a pair of boots will dictate the quality of your experience. Much like a snowflake, every foot is different: what works for one person won’t necessarily work... read more

Five Ways to McMorris Your Man

Mark McMorris is everything. One of the best at what he does, ridiculously talented and oh-so dreamy, he's got great style, sweet personality, and a kickass surfer babe for a girlfriend. His down-to-earth and genuine attitude (alongside his work ethi... read more

Burton Backyard Project: Women’s Tattletale Snowboard

Choosing a snowboard can be a tough decision, but imagine having the chance to hand pick the graphic to go on your favorite board. I was given that opportunity last year when Burton made me a judge for the Backyard project, which was an online contes... read more

7 Questions with Snowboard Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief

This time of year marks the start of snowboarding. Some of the season’s best moments occur in winter's prelude, building the anticipation of a powder day or park session. The mercury plunges further down the thermometer, leaves dance to the ground,... read more

13 Best I0S8 Apps for Your New iPhone 6

Sourced from team riders and Burton employees that stay active all year long, here are our favorite apps for snowboarders. Some are specific to riding and progression, while others are related to weather, offseason fitness, and even your mountain com... read more

B4BC: Another Reason to Ride

Living by the beach in Santa Monica, Liza Tagliati spends as many winter weekends as possible riding Mammoth Mountain. When she’s not at the office, the offseason leaves her in a perpetual state of adventure seeking—whether it’s skating the bo... read more

Ode to the Snowboard Kid

It’s still dark when Sarah rounds the corner onto Industrial Parkway. It’s 6:00 am on the first day of the Burton Summer Sale. Coffee in hand and STAFF shirt slung over her shoulder, she rolls up towards the hundreds of people who've accumulated ... read more

Who runs the world? Girls.

Sometimes Beyoncé just gets it right. Or maybe it’s all the time that she gets it right, on account of her being the most successful female artist ever. And while she definitely holds down her own spotlight, she isn’t afraid to make a point of c... read more

Enni Rukajarvi: Gear You Need for Summer Camp

One of the best parts of snowboarding is summer riding. Every summer, a bunch of us head out to Hood for summer camp. It’s snowy, sunny, slushy, and a really good time. If it’s you’re first time heading to camp, though, sometimes it’s tricky ... read more

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