Riding Iran: The Koh-I-Noor Project

Iran. The mere pronunciation of this name is fascinating in itself. Though the ancient Persian country has a rich history—and massive mountain ranges with beautiful snow—its problematic reputation depicted by the media overshadows its towering mo... read more

ESPYS: 13 Reasons to Vote for Kelly Clark

For the seventh time and in her fifth consecutive year, Kelly Clark has been nominated for the ESPY's Best Female Action Sports Athlete. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you could vote for her, but we're going to list 13 recent reasons he... read more

Burton 2015 Rider Round Table

Everybody has their strengths. While humility is important, so is knowing what you’re good at. That said, no matter how good you are, you’ve never arrived, because there’s always a way to get better—at everything. That’s what makes having a... read more

How to Store Your Snowboard for Summer

Every season ends. It’s an annual cycle: the buildup, the party, the after party, and the moment when you realize the snow is gone and even the diehards have gone home. The memories start flooding in, and there you are, staring dreamily at your sno... read more

Kimmy Fasani: Why Progression Matters

Progression takes time. Atmosphere, crew, conditions, and features all play a major roll in how progressive riding falls into place. That's why Mammoth Mountain and I agreed that, despite the low snow conditions this season, we needed to make Amusem... read more

What to Pack for Summer Camp

Government Camp is the summer hub for all things snowboarding. It’s like going to your favorite resort in the winter and seeing all your friends there, except when you get off the hill you can hang outside, swim, skate, and fill up on volcano cones... read more

Core Values: Sustainable Innovation in Snowboarding

Snowboard design has been Burton's heartbeat since the beginning, with wood at the core of the process. Board cores are a continual evolution—constantly improving strength, weight, performance, and recently, sustainability. And like everything ... read more

How To Start Street Riding

For me, the end of contest season usually means the start of filming season. I mostly shoot in the park, but I always want to ride everything I can! I like challenging myself in different ways, and hitting street spots is one of those. It's a great... read more

Enni Rukajarvi: Photos from My Season

Living the snowboarding lifestyle results in a lot of travel, powder turns, fun tricks, epic scenery, and so much to be thankful for. There's not really a better way to describe it than through photos. Below is a collection of my favorite photos fro... read more

Psychology of Music: Kelly Clark on Contest Day

When people explain why they ride with music, they’ll often say it gets them in the mood, or in the zone to ride. I think that holds true for everyone, but in different ways. For example, I’m not just looking for a cool track to have as backgroun... read more

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