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While our Northern Hemisphere friends were soaking up summer, winter was in full swing down here in Australia. People often associate us with beaches, didgeridoos, deserts, the great barrier reef, Hugh Jackman riding a horse and Crocodile Dundee (thanks to Oprah and Ellen). Believe it or not, it snows down here! And when we’re not riding our kangaroos, we’re riding our snowboards.

Our season spans from early June to late September. We had a bit of a slow start this year, with the first proper snowfall not really arriving until early July. Once the snow came, we pulled off a couple of really successful Burton Girls Ride Days—the first of their kind in Australia! Mt Buller is the closest resort to Melbourne (Australia’s second largest city) and the location for our first Burton Girls Ride Day. The resort is only a three hour drive from the city, which makes it popular for quick weekend missions.

Hannah Trigger, Burton Australia team rider and Olympic hopeful, had this to say about the event: “We had a great turnout of girls who were all super enthusiastic and stoked on snowboarding. It was great to meet and ride with girls who share this passion for the brand and just getting out there and having fun.”

Six hours southwest of Sydney lies Perisher, the biggest resort in the Southern Hemisphere and the location of our second Girls Ride Day. It’s size and diversity allows for some really fun snowboarding, and it’s also a training ground for some of Australia’s best riders. Burton Europe rider Orla Doolan chose Perisher for her first Australian season, and from first impressions it looks like she enjoys it down here.

“It’s so different from anywhere else I’ve been. That view in the morning when the sunrise makes the mountains glow red and your trying to dodge kangaroos driving up the hill, I love it! Perisher is so much fun to ride, the Aussies don’t take themselves too seriously but still throw down as hard as the rest! The park is sick and there’s just a real positive happy vibe here.”

Orla was on hand to help us out with the second Burton Girls Ride Day and had this to say: “Burton Girls Day was so fun, I was stoked to see so many girls together, encouraging each other and pushing themselves to ride harder! The high ollie competition let them show off their skills, the younger groms especially, and just the overall energy the girls brought was infectious!”

Ollie contest

Women’s snowboarding is certainly alive and well in the land down under. If you’re feeling adventurous, come and experience a winter down here! We’re only a quick flight and a vegemite sandwich away.

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Burton Girls Australia
Even though Australia is dominated by surf and sunshine, the women's snowboarding community is strong. Burton Girls of all ages are embracing the the mild Aussie climate and short season, driving hours to their local mountains in search of the illusive powder turn through the gum trees. Burton Girls Australia is a group of Burton women, team riders, shop girls and friends that share a love for the mountain lifestyle.

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