Burton Riglet Parks: Pulling Kids in the Right Direction

One of my favorite things about my job is running the Burton Riglet Park events because it involves watching really little kids trying snowboarding for the first time, which always results in big grins, high fives and happy parents.

VP of Global Resorts, Jeff Boliba, giving high fives to a littler girl shredder

The Riglet Parks are an opportunity to show parents that kids can snowboard at a really young age and that they don’t have to start on skis. This is important because more snowboarders are becoming parents and they want their kids to learn to snowboard so they can all ride as a family. The Riglet Parks are a unique learning environment with animation and tools to engage kids to learn in a fun way while utilizing gear designed and developed to making snowboarding easier for kids. The gear features smaller, softer flexing boards, boots and bindings that make it easy for kids to get in and out of as well turn. A key feature of the Burton Riglet Parks is the Burton Riglet Reel which allows coaches to pull kids through and around the features of the park with ease.


Burton Riglet Gear- Board, binding, boots, helmet and Riglet Reel.

We’ve been running Burton Riglet Parks since 2010 in resort settings, but this past winter was the first time we took it to urban environments like New York City and Los Angeles. We decided to kick off the season with Burton Riglet Park events at our Flagship Store in Los Angeles and our Flagship Store and Global Headquarters in Burlington, Vermont.

Riglet Park layout at the Burton Los Angeles Flagship Store

For our Burlington event we partnered up with Smuggler’s Notch and Jay Peak Resort and for the Los Angeles event, we partnered with Bear Mountain. Each resort had highly trained kids’ coaches who gave each child a special, first taste of snowboarding. All three resorts have permanent Burton Riglet Parks at their mountain all season long so families can continue the snowboarding fun!

Coach Mike Chait from Smuggler’s Notch helps a little girl drop in for the first time

For these urban events we used materials that mimicked and replaced snow to cover the parking lot and features to create the terrain. We worked with local groups to build rollers, a teeter-totter, return wall and a drop in ramp to give the kids a varied riding experience. Cones and small sliding features are added to provide more fun challenges for the kids.

A little girl performs a board-slide with the help of her Big Bear coach

Between the Los Angeles and Burton event we saw well over 150 kids try out the Burton Riglet Park, and some were as young as 18 months! We heard a lot of parents say that now that they know that there are resorts that offer snowboard lessons and gear for little kids, they’ll be taking their family riding this winter.

This lucky little girl gets a lesson from Pro Rider Shannon Dunn

The fun didn’t end with the Burton Riglet Park, we had a Space Man in full costume to greet the kids and give away goodies. There was also a giant coloring wall, balance board area, cookies, cupcakes, s’mores and popcorn for everyone to enjoy while they waited for their turn in the park.

If you have or know someone with a little kid who’s interested in learning to snowboard, be sure to check out a Burton Riglet Park program this winter. There are Riglet Park events all over the world from the US to Japan to Europe! You can find out more about Riglet Park Events and Resort programs by visiting www.burton.com/riglet

Watch the video below to get a taste of The Burton Riglet Parks and check out this video to see kids in action in an urban environment at the Burlington event. Keep scrolling for more shots of happy kids, or shall I say  happy snowboarders!

A little rider gets her photo taken with the “Space Man” in front of the Big Bear Tent

Burton Tent and Riglet Park entrance

Kids at the Burlington event get their photos taken in the spaceman cutout

A young boy tries out the balance board area

An excited little boy enjoys his cookie treat while giving the thumbs up

A little boy shakes hands with the Space Man

Families at the Burton Store were greeted by this little guy!

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