Park Affair at Sugarbush Resort

Ride more, care less. Promoting women’s progression in freestyle snowboarding. Fostering positive relationships between rad females who ride. 

Sounds like a dream, right? That’s the mantra of a local East Coast female shred crew born out of Sugarbush Resort, Mascara Militia (MaMi). They recently brought this to life for the enjoyment other women out there through Park Affair, a women’s event with a simple mission — progression and fearlessness.

With this goal in mind they joined up with White Flag Sales (North East Sales Representatives for Burton, Anon, Analog and MIZU) and Sugarbush PARKS at Mount Ellen and Sugarbush Resort in Waitsfield, VT to make this dream a reality. As you could expect, we were very much on board.  With hard work and dedication from the crew throughout the season, White Flag, Sugarbush PARKS and MAMI saw this event through without a hitch.

We wanted to build a park that could not be accessed by anyone else on the mountain. Why? One reason is because having your own personal jib park is nothing short of a dream, but being able to build confidence in our riders to hit features created specifically for their riding ability was important for personal progression. Sugarbush PARKS was very successful in moving and closing off the park to other riders not associated with Park Affair and set up a jib park, something I could only wish for in my own back yard. Some features included a flat box, flat rail, down rail, fun box and a flat down rail.

From the start of the camp you could see dedication in the rider’s eyes. With the music pumping and MaMi coaches working with their groups, you didn’t see frustration or nerves if riders didn’t hit a feature correctly at first. Rather, you witnessed fun and laughter. Girls from 16 to 36 years of age were taking some pretty gnarly falls, but got right back up and with the assistance of their coaches and owned their tricks.

By the end of day one, after all the hiking and spills, it was like some force of energy took over the group. Riders were nose and tail pressing, boardsliding, spinning switch or 270 off the boxes and rails like they had been doing it for years. We owe a lot to the Mascara Militia crew for giving the riders so much encouragement and professional instruction. As structured as the event was, we all knew that we had to go into it with ease. Nothing was forced and there was no pressure — and because of this. we saw immediate progression.

A great addition to the camp was the opportunity for riders to get a video analysis of their riding done by their coaches. With the goal of progression and confidence in mind we thought that by showing the girls exactly how they were approaching features and how they can move their body to complete their tricks easier next time they try it, that it will give them more of a visual for next time they are on snow and help them become a successful park rider.

Riders also had a chance to attend a yoga class to stretch out their day with Cassandra Madsen, yoga instructor at Yoga Vermont as well as the White Flag Sales Softgoods Representative for Burton. After, the hot tub was the only way to complete a successful day of park riding.

Day two of Park Affair brought a few new faces that seemed to liven up the group from all the hiking and park riding they accomplished on day one. Even though it was the final day of camp, riders didn’t hold back. We held a Progression Jam where the girls were able to show their coaches what they learned and in turn they won some pretty great prizes from Burton, anon and MaMi. They were pushing harder and landing tricks they learned the day before more naturally. Riders also had a chance to take a break from park riding to demo 2014 Burton snowboards and bindings. It was great for us to get these girls on Burton park boards and show them how new 2014 tech will help them progress even further next season.

Fulfilling the mission for Park Affair was a wild success. It was unreal how quickly riders were progressing and gaining a new found confidence they may not have felt before. For more from Park Affair, check out the video recap below. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Erin Blaisdell, Guest Contributor
In between skating the Burton bowl, snowboarding, sending telepathic messages to her twin sister in Massachusetts, surprising her family with new tattoos or adventuring with her dog Mocha, you can find Erin hunkered down at the White Flag Sales office in Burlington, Vermont as their Marketing and Events Coordinator, representing Burton, Anon, Analog and MIZU in the North East region.

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