Women’s Video Parts of 2012

You might recall reading Tawny Shultz’s post Girls on Film , and after this fall there have been a handful of all-female snowboard edits that have hit web pages everywhere. I’ve been filming women’s snowboarding now for fours years and after having worked on three full snowboard movies and releasing numerous web edits throughout our snowboard community, I’d like to share some notable all-female snowboard movies and video parts of 2012.

Here’s a round up to get you stoked on snowboarding this winter.

Kimmy Fasani Full Part Remix from Standard Films
Standard Films re-edited Kimmy’s part releasing footage you won’t see in the movie. Kimmy takes us through the park and into the backcountry slaying everything park and pow. The action starts when Kimmy throws a huge f3 off one of the biggest (if not the biggest) cornices I’ve ever seen a girl attempt and land. This girl takes some heavy spills, rag dolls down a whole mountain and ping pongs off trees, yet rides away like a tough cookie. I have to warn you, the soundtrack is pretty horrid (sorry, Kimmy), but put it in mute and the riding will speak for itself. This girl has some solid style, even your boyfriend will be jealous.


Desiree Melancon Full Part
Desiree Melancon has my vote for best style in women’s snowboarding and I’m not talking about fashion here. She makes every trick look effortless and can be easily mistaken for a boy because of her solid riding skills. Even while hitting massive ledges and dropping down huge wall rides, Desiree stays calm and composed. Her full part gives me chills. Check her out.


Anne Flore Marxer
Anne Flore’s Standard Films edit is guaranteed to make you want to go ride. This edit shows everything from fun GoPro pow slashes to breathtaking big mountain heli boarding.


Co-edited by myself (thank you) and PS filmier Greg Weaver, P.S. Webisodes presents Intervals. This 15 min flick features some of the most progressive backcountry female riders in the world. Primarily shot in the Northwest, Colorado and Japan this movie includes inside audio scoops from Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn, and Leanne Pelosi. The trio alongside a heavy crew of friends take you on an adventure through avalanches, on snowmobiles and heli rides to seek out only the most pristine remote locations. Check out the whole movie here.


Too Hard
Created by Danyale Patterson, Too Hard is a crude no-parents-no-rules-anything-goes montage of girls taking it to the streets. This parental advisory movie has nudity, drugs, and profanity, but that doesn’t stop Danyale from sprinkling in some sparkly roses, diamonds and kittens. With the bad ass lifestyle aside, Too Hard honestly features some impressive snowboarding capturing legit tricks and introducing new names to the game.


Jess Kimura Full Part
Last year, Jess won Transworld Snowboarding’s Women’s Rider of the Year, Womens’ Reader’s Choice Award and Women’s Video Part of the year. This year she released a Full Part with footage from her webisode series Barely. Jess’s part is filled with huge jumps, inverts, switch tricks and one footed technical maneuvers that take women’s creativity to the next level. Watch it at transworld.com. 

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