Bike-Commute: The Wheelhouse

We recently cut the tape on our brand new, secured bike parking at our global headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. Something like this might not seem like a huge deal, but to me it embodies so much more – fresh air, courage, freedom, opportunity, strength, warm hearts. Over 20% of the workforce at our Burlington office bike-commutes to work regularly – it’s badass. We’ve won alternative commuting challenges multiple years in a row. We have critical mass rides to work together on Fridays. We even buy free bagels for alternative commuters every Friday. And we sit by the fireplace and eat them. Together.

You know what else is cool? We have over ten loaner bikes that employees can use to run errands. Leave the car in the parking lot and use one of the loaners to get around town. Yup, we prefer biking here at Burton and now we have a sweet, safe place to put our bikes. “The Wheelhouse” is our home at the bottom of the lift line and here we congregate to build community and take one more small step to save the snow.


We’re also really excited to announce that we won the American League of Cyclist’s Silver Award for being a Bicycle Friendly Business. It’s the first year we applied. And it’s my hope that we’ll be gold someday soon.

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