Obsessed with All Things Dipped

Today, I would like to confess to everyone here that I have a problem. Once I like something, I reeeaaaally like it. I mean, to the point where it’s almost obsessive.  For example, last year I did a dipped dye hair color post on Boat People VintageI ended up having bleach blonde tips, next week it was blue, then teal, now grey!  Well, it doesn’t stop there. I’m still obsessing over color dipped everything and even started dipping my utensils in color (if you’d like to learn how, check out my DIY post here.)

Anyway, since I’m still not over my dipped dye obsession I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite pretty little dipped things.

 Artfully dipped spoon set from the MOMA store.

West Elm Dipped Table from Dabito’s home.

Entry way table

Love love love these ombre tights

Get em here

DIY dipped chairs

more inspiration here

Festive place card holder 

Handmade vases from SuiteOneStudio

Porcelain juice cups from Leif shop

 Simple treats from madiganmade

Natural wood bowls dipped in rubbery plastic by Wind and Willow Home

Warehouse UK



 Easy dye necklace

DIY dipped baskets from pinterest.

knife block

I love Burtonista Jasmine Solano’s firery red hair! Photo by Andrea Castillo

Myself and Esthera with our dip dyed hair-dos





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