Through the Lens

Photography is about a keen sense of observation, eye for composition, and passion for the chosen subject. With the age of digital photography, it seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is calling themselves a photographer, and I can tell you succeeding as a professional shooter much harder than it looks. Add to the mix the desire to shoot in the action sports realm? Double the stakes and you better be in good shape to lug equipment for days in snow.
I’ve worked in publishing and advertising as a photo editor and producer for ten years strong, and have spent many meetings talking to photographers and looking at their work. The truly talented ones stand apart; the talented hard ambitious working ones stand on their own platform. To make it, you must have the eye, the passion, the skill and the drive to keep driving forward no matter what. These are the types that I hire, and they have never let me down.
In the snow world, it’s a tough boys club to crack, so the girls that make it behind the lens have even more to be proud of. In honor of all those shooters male and female, here is a selection of shooters who have the whole package capturing not only the action of their chosen sport, but the in between moments of joy, boredom, struggle, happiness and all that comes with this life.
Christy Chaloux

A Northwest local, Christy Chaloux, her career has been one that came from work and also having one of those right place, right time moments. After landing a job at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in the early 2000’s, with no photography experience, Christy got lucky running the Photo Camp. Her position allowed her to learn the technique and skills of photography while getting guidance from some of the best in the business like Tim Zimmerman and Kevin Zacher, Add an awesome group of ladies that she ran with at High Cascade to photograph and a career in the photography business was born. Read about her progression as a photographer in this clutch interview with Snowboard Magazine.
Rick Adam

Born in Northern Ireland and Rick Adam first discovered photography at the age of 16 after he snapped a few photos with a camera from a family friend, bought a camera at 19 when he had the cash and has been terminally hooked since.
Hailing from a hardcore BMX/punk background, Rick began to shoot photographs of friends in the different scenes that he was involved with and made regular contributions to DIG BMX Magazine, who are based in Belfast. The mag has a passion for stylistic BMX riding alongside a D.I.Y. punk ethic, so he could really tune into the magazine’s vision. These days, Rick is the staff photographer, editor and janitor at their office in Belfast. He is doing a fine job at all job titles and loving every second of it.
Laura Austin’s contributor, Laura Austin roams the globe in search of good people and great snow. This young lady from Vermont is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. At her young age she has accomplished more in the business than most do in a decade as a combined graphic designer, editor and shooter. Currently Laura is busy working as the online editor of Snowboarder Magazine, shooting for various brands like Rome Snowboards, designing for Burton, or contributing to RadCollector. Along the way she shoots photos of her life, travels, and experiences capturing the world with a delicate and insightful eye that is mature beyond her years.
Nate Abbott

Nate Abbott was born and raised with the skewed worldview of Boulder,
Colorado. Despite being made fun of, frequently, for his vegetarianism,
tight pants, third nipple and other quirks, he has built a rock solid career with clients like K2, Helly Hanson, Giro and more on his roster. Abbottʼs photos have graced the pages and covers of nearly every ski magazine in the world, and his work has also appeared in powerhouses like ESPN and The New York Times. With15 years of photography and media experience, he widely regarded as one of the most esteemed photographers and artists in the industry.
When he is not traveling the world shooting people, things and places, you can find him at Freeskier Magazine headquarters where he is the Senior Editor contributing photos, writing, and providing photographic and editorial directive for the magazine.
Kassia Mator

Kassia Mator is woman of many talents. Pro surfer turned spokesmodel, turned photographer, she has built a solid multifaceted career in the action sports world. Her foray into photography derived from shooting while traveling on the road for ROXY for the past 9 years, and the editorial and commercial world has taken a liking to her unique eye and photographic process. She creates her photographs using alternative process Polaroid transfers, crossing processing slide film. Yes- old school, real film.
The photographic result is a dreamy nostalgic feeling with bursts of bright colors and textures. Be prepared to more of this side of Kassia, she is quite gifted and has representation with Nouvelle Vague LA, the combination that undoubtedly leads to commercial success.
Camilla Stoddart

A bit of adventure and grit never did anyone any harm and for Wanaka photographer Camilla Stoddart it has essentially molded her into the talented photographer she is today. Leaving her home land of Scotland, London and her St Martins Arts Honours Degree behind, Camilla made her pilgrimage deep into the South Island of New Zealand to Wanaka where she has carved out an undeniable reputation as one of the countries best outdoor adventure sport’s and travel photographers.
Popular for her relaxed easy going smile and professional results, Camilla has found it easy to relate with publishers, art directors and agencies and takes creative control to lead to commercial and editorial work world wide.
Her moody magical images have revolutionized outdoor publications. She shoots adventure sports and travel images, many of which have been widely published offshore in books, magazines and newspapers, along with her written words, which correspond beautifully with her images. This year she entered a base jumping image into the 2010 Red Bull Illume and out of 23 000 entries she was selected as one of the top 50 and only female finalist.
Over time she has developed a strong, recognizable style that has set her apart from the rest – capturing moments, captivating culture and creating art, Camilla has been published worldwide and gained recognition among her peers. Camilla is based in the Wanaka Queenstown area and works all over New Zealand, traveling to epic locations to get the shot.
Jenna Selby

Jenna Selby is a skateboarder and freelance photographer based in London. She started photographing her friends at Southbank in the late 90’s. By 2002 Jenna was riding for, and working with international shoe brand Gallaz covering their UK team. Jenna has since shot images for a variety of national and international publications, online magazines and companies.
Jenna’s artwork mainly focuses on projects that she is involved with: the annual ‘Girl Skate Jam UK’, now celebrating it’s 10th year and Rogue Skateboards, a company set up in early 2005 to give female skateboarders a platform on which to be recognized.
After breaking her ankle in 2008 Jenna turned her attention to film making, creating the first European female skate film ‘As If, And What?’ She is now working on a worldwide venture called ‘Scratch The Surface.’ The film will look to showcase not only those riders already established, but also to document the girls who are part of emerging scenes in countries where skateboarding is relatively new, including Afghanistan, China and Russia.