Top Secret: Help Us Create A Board Graphic

Part of my job as Product Manager for the Boards Team is developing snowboard graphics for the women’s line. We work with designers and artists to find just the right combinations of art for each specific model. It can be a real challenge and it takes a lot of time. We have to figure out which girls ride what boards, and what they are looking for in a graphic, and how to tell the story behind the graphic, and which artists to use, and what colors…the list goes on and on.

While I love my job, sometimes it gets to be too much and I need a break, which is why I’m asking for your help to make my job easier. We’re working on a top secret graphic for a new women’s model in 2016 (yes, the future!), and we want YOU to be a part of it.

We’re calling on all the Burton Girls out there to help us create something truly for you, by you.

Here’s how it goes. Grab your phone. Yes, right now.

Look through your photo album at all the adventures, fun, and memories you have. Camping, girls night out, concerts, shredding, awkward family reunions, traveling, partying, hiking… check it all out. Man, now I’m super jealous of all the fun you’ve been having.

Look for photos in the following categories: Outdoor, Travel, Snowboarding, and Lifestyle.

Send the photos our way.


Wait a bit longer.

Possibly find yourself included in the 2016 Socialite women’s board graphic.

Need some inspiration? Here are some examples of the photos I am going to submit for the contest.

My submission

Now there are a few rules to this. (I know rules…eww…but read them, because they’re important. Below is the short version. Here is the legal version that you accept upon participation.)

1. We will ONLY accept original photos! Please DO NOT send Instagram photos or photos with added filters.

2. We will ONLY accept one submission.

3. We will ONLY accept FOUR photos. Please DO NOT send more than four photos. Submissions with more than four photos will not be accepted. Be picky! Find the best of the best.

4. We’re looking for photos in the following categories: OutdoorTravelSnowboardingLifestyle. Think about those four categories and pick your photos based on them.

5. Send your photos to with the subject 2016 Burton Girls Graphic. Include your nameemail, and phone number in the email.

6. By submitting these photos, you are allowing Burton Snowboards to use these photos in a board graphic for 2016.

7. We will be notifying the Burton Girls whose photos are going to be used once all selections have been made.

8. All submissions must be sent in by January 20, 2014.

So that’s it. Help me do my job.

Help yourself, and maybe be a part of a future board graphic.

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