Work, Life, and Balance at Burton

There we were: head through the sunroof saluting the color-drenched foliage that blasted out towards us from New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Returning from Maine to Vermont after a weekend of unplanned adventure, surf lessons, and lobster bakes, w... read more

Stay Outside: Fall Camp Essentials

Some of the coolest and most classic products Burton brings to market are in collaboration with other likeminded, creative, and quality brands. Take our 2015 collabs for example: our women's Burton x Frye® Snowboard Boot, men's Burton x Red Wing... read more

Working for Women with Wasfia Nazreen

“Through climbing, I’ve developed a deep connection to nature, which in turn has made me reflect on my own potential, perspective, and the vast capabilities of all human beings. I hope to extend this same unique connection with Mother Nature to ... read more

Kelly Clark Travels: What’s in the Bag?

When I travel, I’m on the road for weeks at a time. On my last trip, I visited three countries and 10 cities in three weeks. I made many stops, including my dad’s birthday, surfing in Rhode Island, a 12-mile hike through the Rockies, Burton’s L... read more

Travel Photos: Cilka Sadar’s Summer Tour

The best part of my lifestyle is travel. I love seeing different places, new cultures, and diverse architecture. Seeing the way that people live in other places opens your mind to new experiences. I prefer traveling to cities, and imagining what it w... read more

Kimmy Fasani: Global Foodie

Cooking is a passion of mine. I love getting creative in my kitchen, preparing healthy-but-tasty meals, and I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with raw, vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan dishes. Whipping up recipes that embrace some or all of th... read more

Summer Camp: Shifting the Experience

Every summer, thousands of snowboarders head to Mt. Hood for months of no parents, no rules, and excessive riding. Burton’s own Bekah Ashley had made the trip once before, a few years back. Seduced by Government Camp chaos, she didn’t see much of... read more


A magical and inspiring weekend spent practicing yoga in the mountains,  Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley exceeded all expectations. Expanding in recent years to locations that include O'ahu, HI, Austin, TX, Quebec and New Zealand, it all began at... read more

Slow Down and Take a Road Trip

A lot of people assumed Bekah had dropped out of college. The truth is that she had enrolled in online classes in order to make it easier to pursue her journalistic dreams. In fact, her course load had almost doubled. She spent long hours at random l... read more

Early Summer in Cotswolds

ロンドンから少し西へ二時間ほど、美しい自然が手付かずでそのまま残っているイギリスの田舎町コッツウォルズに、4日間ほど滞在しました。 「真のラグジュアリーは、環境と人に... read more

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