Kimmy Fasani in Arlberg Austria

Europe is an incredibly scenic place to visit: the Alps shoot out of the valleys like skyscrapers, houses and buildings have so much history, and cities are packed with stunning architecture and beautiful culture. An additional bonus this year ha... read more

Our 13 Favorite Things about Colorado

In honor of the 34th annual Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado, taking place this week, we've put together our 13 favorite things about the Rocky Mountain State. Have some favorite stops of your own? Share them below! Favorite brewery: Great Divid... read more

US Open: What to Expect and How to Pack

You get out in the early morning for first tracks off Northwoods, stop by an Après All Day hub for some food and drink specials, and then link up with a huge crew of Burton Girls to go shred some more. You check out contest finals in the aftern... read more

Snowboard Trip: How to Pack Your Board Bag

Plenty of people ride for years before setting off on a plane in search of new terrain. When you make the transition from road trips to flights, you’ll change up the way you pack, too. And, as with almost everything, there’s no ultimate right or ... read more

Behind the Board Graphic: 2015 Socialite

The 2015 Socialite Snowboard graphic boasts a collage of photos from a few of our favorite Burton Girls, in a visual that pays homage to the incredible lifestyles they lead. Not all of the photos below were used in the graphic—though others are ... read more

Contest Comparison: US Open vs. European Open

Every year, Burton hosts two of the biggest snowboard-only competitions in the world: the US Open and the European Open. The European Open just took place in LAAX, Switzerland, and the US Open will go down the first week of March in Vail, Colorado. E... read more

Playlist: Morning Mountain Commute

Not too long ago, a few of us hopped in the car to meet a bunch of Burton Girls at the mountain for our annual women's ride day. Winter storming had spirits high, and the Mini was basically bursting with enthusiasm. No matter where you're headed—... read more

9 Blotto Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were in Japan

It's impossible to figure out who has the better job: Kimmy Fasani or Blotto. They both chase their passion for a living, with careers that take them all over the world...on their snowboards. Kimmy's daily weapons of choice are the Anti-Social Sp... read more

Kelly Clark Talks Career Development at Burton Europe

It’s always exciting to have another snowboarding season in full swing, especially with so much momentum behind women, both in the sport and within the Burton family. Not too long ago, we held another women’s leadership day for the women of Burt... read more

Tips from the West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in British Columbia is one of the most grueling, and beautiful, backpacking trips on the planet. A seemingly endless series of slimy, slippery, 50-foot, guardrail-less ladders are what characterize the straigh... read more

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