Kelly Clark’s Spring Break at Baldface

Most people only see me ride pipe. I do a lot of it all year long, but I love riding everything… especially pow. Last week, Kimmy, Hannah, Enni and I dropped into Baldface, and after an intense contest and Olympic season, I was long overdue for som... read more

Spring Destination: Carmel California

Every once in a while, you find a place that's beyond your wildest dreams. You get mad at yourself for not having visited before. This place captivates and inspires you on so many levels, it's hard to leave. You can imagine staying...for an extended ... read more

Guatemalan Waves

To travel is to adventure with a blank slate and an open canvas ready to be painted. You take in all the sensations, the sights, the smells, the sounds, and let them filter through you. You create your own reality. If you drop in, fully, being presen... read more

Taos, New Mexico: Land of Enchantment

There are things about New Mexico that have always sparked my interest: the southwestern laid-back attitude, the Native-American influence, the adobe hut houses, and the rugged-mystic vibe that comes across through photographs. When I realized there ... read more

How to Pack Your Board Bag

Plenty of people ride for years before setting off on a plane in search of new terrain. When you make the transition from road trips to flights, you’ll change up the way you pack, too. And, as with almost everything, there’s no ultimate right or ... read more

How to Pack for a Snowboarding Trip to the Pacific Northwest

There’s a reason the Western corner of the U.S. is (lovingly) referred to as the Pacific Northwet. But when the soggy, maritime storms settle in for the winter, PNW locals are equipped to handle Mother Nature’s coastal climate. Growing up riding ... read more

Revelstoke Mountain Resort: Put It On Your Bucket List

Nothing beats a weekend road trip to the mountains with your friends. I think we can all agree that snowboarding is truly something that is deeply embedded into our lifestyle. It is a weather-watching, trip-planning, couch-crashing, coffee-drinking l... read more

Donna and Jake: Fresh Lines at the Burton European Open

While the rest of the snowboarding world’s eyes were focused on the five-ring circus qualifiers in California, Jake and I adventured to Laax, Switzerland for the annual Burton European Open. Right after Jake and I were married, we moved to Innsb... read more

One, Two, Check: Is Your Vehicle Safe For Winter?

This may come to a surprise to you, but I actually hate driving in the snow. It's not fun for me. The stress of slick roads, the possibility of getting stuck, and—worst of all—other inexperienced drivers, really make me just want to take the bus.... read more

Four Unlikely Places You Should Consider Riding

While most of us die-hards know the popular places to ride, there are many spots that a lot of people wouldn't know you could shred. If riding new locales and venturing out is your thing, here are four places you wouldn't think about riding, but shou... read more

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