Bags are Made for Packing

Here's what we know: The world is vast and made for exploring. For those of us that hail from the Northeast, it’s hard to believe there isn’t actually something written in our DNA that pushes us to travel the West. The urge to move means lots... read more

Chasing Fall with Burton Photographers

Our environment is constantly changing. In Vermont, no time of year demonstrates this fact more vibrantly than fall—more specifically, a little sub-season of fall we like to call foliage season. Once the heat breaks from the 80s to the 60s and 70s... read more

Notes from a Cross-Country Road Trip

It seems impossible to live in the United States and never dream of going for a cross-country drive. The lucky ones have, and the rest of us imagine, if only the right time would present itself. Because it takes some time. Sadie, Shelby, and Hay... read more

Sayulita is Worth the Hype

We're not absolutists. We have our preferences, but we're openminded. For example you might love beer, but you'll drink wine. Or you might love cold, snowy winters, but you're down with getting away to the warmth. For a long time, Mexico has been o... read more

13 Rules for Car Camping

Complete and utter way-out-there solitude isn’t for everyone. A simple motivation to leave your phone in the car for a few days might be plenty—to swap it out for the crackle of campfire, soft echo of neighbors, and the satisfying sense of being ... read more

Choose Your Trip, Wait for No One

You've finally found serenity. Right now, it’s noon on a flawless beach day, and still you’ve seen nobody around. Vacant boardwalk rides and boarded up pizza joints. It’s a positive kind of emptiness you feel when you’re in a place like this,... read more

Bird’s Eye View with Burton Photographers

Photographers lead lives to be envied. Always on the move, to some of the most compelling destinations, they get more than a taste of just how huge the world is. The chatter of a foreign language and the smell of unfamiliar street meat, interrupte... read more

The Desert’s a Trip

Besides the handful of puns not necessarily intended in that title, a couple of days in the barren wilderness can bring on a beautiful change in perspective. On a recent shoot for Burton’s Durable Goods, the crew set out to explore what they’d he... read more

The Annex Pack Wins Crew Consensus

A bunch of us are getting ready to go to Quebec next week, to tour the city, snowboard a bit, and capture some footage for next year. We asked the crew: if you could bring just one backpack, what would it be? The Annex Pack received a resounding c... read more

Kimmy Fasani in Arlberg Austria

Europe is an incredibly scenic place to visit: the Alps shoot out of the valleys like skyscrapers, houses and buildings have so much history, and cities are packed with stunning architecture and beautiful culture. An additional bonus this year ha... read more

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