Four Unlikely Places You Should Consider Riding

While most of us die-hards know the popular places to ride, there are many spots that a lot of people wouldn’t know you could shred. If riding new locales and venturing out is your thing, here are four places you wouldn’t think about riding, but should definitely consider!

Flagstaff, AZImage: flickr/seantoyer

Flagstaff, Arizona: Yes, Arizona, as in one of the warmest states in the United States. Arizona actually has some sweet mountains in the northern parts. Located right outside of Flagstaff, and about 70 miles south of the Grand Canyon, Arizona Snowbowl is where the locals and college students go to shred. Opened in 1938, Arizona Snowbowl is one of the oldest, continually run ski areas in America.

With open, long runs and 260 inches of annual snowfall, the Snowbowl gives Arizonians and visitors a true winter fix. The resort has already been getting some decent snowfall, so it’s looking to be a good season up in the San Francisco Peaks. Of course, there’s snowmaking when the resort isn’t getting the natural stuff.

Snowbowl also has a park with plenty of features for all abilities. The resort has all of the amenities you’d find at any major resort, and there is lodging for guests, as well. One of the best things about Snowbowl is the price of its lift tickets. With a $59 all-day price tag or $49 for afternoon (12-4pm), it’s more affordable than most places.

Taos, New MexicoImage: flickr/MyEyeSees

Taos, New Mexico: The Southwest is actually an ideal locale to ride, with plenty of snow during the winter months. The mountains are vast and there are lots of resorts that are known to be uncrowded. In the Land of Enchantment visitors will be surrounded by unique natural beauty, unlike anywhere else. There are a handful of resorts, including Taos Ski Valley, with plenty of backcountry options, too.

The magic number is 300 in New Mexico, with an annual snowfall of 300 inches and 300 days of sunshine a year. What this means is awesome snow, and sunny skies on the regular, with less crowds and more time for exploring the unknown.

Rocky Mountain lovers take note that this is where the range begins. Get ready for some steep and rugged terrain that’s lift accessible at resorts, and fun to hike off pist. What’s also awesome about New Mexico is that it’s reasonably-priced to stay and play. Who doesn’t like a deal? Visit to learn more and to plan a memorable winter escape!

Las VegasImage: flickr/ Old Shoe Woman

Las Vegas, Nevada: Get lucky in the mountains of Sin City. Take on another perspective of Las Vegas, high on a mountaintop, riding down the slopes of Ski Las Vegas. It’s a little known fact to those who haven’t spent much time in the desert that it does get cold in the winter and will snow at higher elevations. There’s even  times where the city receives a good amount of snowfall, too.

The sun is usually shining bright in Nevada, and with 240 inches of annual snow, there’s a good chance that if you hit it right, you could win bigger than at the casinos. Plus, who doesn’t want to say that they’ve been snowboarding in Las Vegas before? Kinda cool.

HawaiiImage: flickr/kanu101

Hawaii the Big Island: For those who never imagined snowboarding in Hawaii was a reality, think again. It’s more than possible to ride in the morning and surf in the evening in true paradise, on the Big Island of Hawaii, during the winter months. You may get a few funny looks for bringing a snowboard bag and warm gear to Hawaii, but experiencing riding there on top of this mystical tropical land is something everyone must do once in their lifetime.

Mauna Kea Ski Resort is located on one of the highest island mountains in the world. At 13,797 feet high, the dormant volcano gets its dose of snow. Get your cake and eat it, too. It’s the best of both worlds on the island of Hawaii.


Lead image: flickr/lars hammar 

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