Venice Venice Venice

Did a one-day trip to Venice to check out the Biennale…
As its known, Venice is a city made out of more than 100 islands, crisscrossed by same amount of canals and connected with a LOT of bridges.

Every year throughout summer and autumn there is a big exhibition called “La Biennale di Venezia” (every second year it’s art and every other year architectural; this year it was art). It takes the whole day to check everything and we go there every year with my family.

Since its less than 3-hour drive away from my home, its not a big deal to go and cruise around the city few times a year.

The exhibition has two main parts. First one is in Giardini, a big park full of little pavilions by different countries, where each country presents their own art project.

Second part is in Arsenale, an old warehouse, a really nice spacey rooms filled with different art projects.